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 Functional and Comparative Genomics of Disease Resistance Gene Homologs


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Acknowledgment of Data Use and Disclaimer

Data and information released from the Functional and Comparative Genomics of Disease Resistance Gene Homologs (NIBLRRS) Project website are provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind, including without limitation the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Data and/or information may contain errors or be incomplete.
Availability of this data and information does not constitute scientific publication. We request that information derived from it not be published prior to our publication without permission (see below) or 12 months from the time of display whichever is the sooner.
Our policy is to release of data in a timely and prompt manner to aid the progress of science in general and research on disease resistance genes in particular. However, it is not intended to allow others to preempt our scientific publications by rushing to publication in advance of our own efforts.
Therefore, written permission should be obtained from one of the project’s Principal Investigators in writing in advance of submitting any articles containing data or figures primarily derived from this website prior to our publication or within 12 months of the data being displayed whichever is the sooner.
In accordance with scientific protocol, appropriate acknowledgment of the NIBLRRS Project should be made in any publications or other disclosures concerning data or information made available by the NIBLRRS Project. If results using data from the site are to be published, we request references in a manuscript as “The Functional and Comparative Genomics of Disease Resistance Gene Homologs Project, personal communication" or credit to the individual researcher(s) as indicated in the written permission to publish. For acknowledgments, the following is requested: <Xxxx> data was obtained from NIBLRRS Project website at that was supported by the NSF Plant Genome Program Award #9975971.
Except as expressly described above, please do not reproduce, redistribute, transfer, or publish any information or data from the NIBLRRS web site in whole or in part without the prior written permission of a Principal Investigator of the NIBLRRS Project.

last modified 03/2003