Physical location of Arabidopsis sequences related to NBS-encoding plant R-genes

Genes (colored rectangles) are web links to corresponding sequences in the MIPS Arabidopsis Database

All NBS and NBS-like sequences from our database were placed on the chromosomes as indicated, based on MIPS annotation tables. Chromosomes are shown in yellow, centromeres in gray; each colored rectangle indicates the presence of a predicted protein. Genes above chromosomes have "Watson" orientation, genes below chromosomes have "Crick" orientation. Known resistance genes are indicated in red text, with genes cloned from ecotypes that are not Columbia in parentheses. Each protein was assessed for the conserved TIR, NBS and LRR domains using Pfam (; the presence of these domains is indicated by different colors as indicated in Color Map Legend. Gray boxes indicate duplicated NBS domains within a single sequence. Image and HTML ImageMap links were generated by GenomePixelizer Tcl/Tk script written by E.Kochetkova and A. Kozik.

For historical reason we keep the old Image "At_RGenes_on_Chromosomes_old.html" in Art Gallery.
That image was created by hand using GIMP and might have errors.

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Last modified, May 30 2001