NBS, P450, PK-LRR clustering on the background of duplication events in Arabidopsis genome, NBS - orange, P450 - green, PK-LRR - purple, 75% identity.

Click here for larger version of the image above (2985 x 2000 pixels)

Click on the image to view relationship between genes with identity of 80% or higher.

Dark gray lines connect genes with identity of 98% or higher; gray lines connect genes with identity of 90% or higher; lightblue lines connect transposable-like elements with identity of 90% or higher; red, green and purple lines connect NBS, P450 and PK-LRR genes with identity of 75% or higher.

Gene IDs for transposable-like elements were derived from functional categories tables for A.thaliana (FUNCAT) at PEDANT Web Server. Distance matrix files were derived from FASTA search results by running "genome against genome". Matrix files were filtered to extract data only for matches with greater than 100 aa overlap.

Image generated by GenomePixelizer was saved as PostScript file and transformed into PNG format using Corel PhotoPaint program.


email: Alexander Kozik

Last modified, July 03 2001