PhyloGrapher Credits


PhyloGrapher Credits:

PhyloGrapher was written very quickly and it was possible because of a coincidence of several events in time and space such as: code examples from "Tcl and the Tk Toolkit" by John Ousterhout, "Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk" by Brent Welch, "Programming Python" by Mark Lutz, and the Open Source movement. I need to thank all people who shared their ideas over the Internet. Also it would not be possible without the good mood of my boss, Richard Michelmore. He had managed and set up excellent conditions for extremely productive work. Some Tcl/Tk procedures were re-used, originally implemented by Elena Kochetkova, an undergraduate student, from our program GenomePixelizer. I thank Heiko Schoof, MIPS, Institute for Bioinformatics, Neuherberg, Germany for testing a beta version and for critical comments. Of course, it would not be possible without NSF grant DBI-9975971 and a very nice California climate.

Links to Graph Resources on the Web

Graphs and Graph Theory basic definitions at MegaMath, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Graph Drawing Tutorial by Isabel Cruz and Roberto Tamassia

Graph Theory Glossary by Chris Caldwell at Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Tennessee, Martin

Graph and Digraph Glossary by Bill Cherowitzo at the Mathematics Department, University of Colorado at Denver

Other useful links by David Eppstein, Department of Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine.

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